> Planning Permission

Before having a stable built, there is often the issue of planning permission to be dealt with. Again, John’s experience and knowledge of the relevant regulations has proved an invaluable asset for his clients.

On-site inspection is carried out by John himself and after consultation with the client, he will recommend the best option to suit the requirements of the owner and the horse.
Once the details are finalised, each customer’s stable, is individually constructed by John’s experienced team of craftsmen, using only the finest materials which are carefully selected to more than fulfil their function.
The same level of care and attention to detail goes into every single product – from a single stable door, field shelter, loose box, tack or feed store up to a professional livery or racing yard.

You’d expect products and services this good to come at a price – they do – and you’ll be very pleasantly surprised how economical this can be and the exceptional value for money they represent.

That’s why John Goodrick Equestrian Developments are the leaders in the field – you can see the difference

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